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  • Construction Machinery Exhibition
  • Exhibition time: September 2017 20-23
    Venue: New China International Exhibition Center
    Cycle: Biennale, first in 1989
    Size: 190000 square meters (2017)
    Audience: 103000 passengers (2017)

    Organizer: China Construction Machinery Industry Association

    China Construction Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.
    China Council for the promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch
    Organizer: Beijing Tian Shi Hua labor International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    鈥 BICES2017 will combine the exhibits with the priority of registration to arrange booth allocation for exhibitors.
    The organizers will do their best to meet the exhibitors' requirements for the booths, including the concentration of the exhibits and the size of the booths.
    In the case that all available booths have been allocated, the post supplement list will be reserved. Once vacancies occur, the booth exhibitors and industry participants will be reviewed on the basis of the date of receipt of the application
    In 2016, the whole industry downturn in the background, BICES successfully held, no doubt boost the confidence of the industry, and promote the development of the industry has played a very positive role. As the debut, the BICES heavy film machine has also demonstrated its style through this platform, has realized own breakthrough, has created the customer value! More expressed the scientific and technological innovation will be re - Ge re - machine to become a world-class brand of determination and confidence. The result of the exhibition has been up to our expectation. BICES2017, let's go hand in hand! BICES2017 has more than 1700 enterprises exhibiting,
    Authoritative media, all-round publicity and promotion
    BICES industry as a witness and companion, to achieve full coverage of the authority of the news media, during BICES 2017 in more than 200 Chinese and foreign media reports, CCTV financial channel economic information network and Global Connection column and Phoenix early bus and train the current column of a special report up to 6 times of the exhibition and exhibition enterprises in the future interpretation. stay
    BICES, whether it is business of new products and technology, or is the corporate brand and strategy, or the value of the enterprise and the future, every detail and highlights enterprises are in full media coverage under the wonderful presentation and shine.
    Professional buyers, global business opportunities, a wide range of professional buyers at home and abroad to promote, is a major feature of BICES, in order to allow exhibitors to get the most
    Good exhibition results, BICES in the domestic and international professional buyers promotion has spared no effort, BICES will use the global network and years of accumulated high-quality buyers resources, accurate invite target buyers.
    BICES a wide range of professional audience channels, including web pages, direct mail, advertising, electronic presentations, new media, public relations activities such as press releases and editorials. We also promote and promote special exhibitions and events around the world
    Domestic and international mainstream industry association members and top user groups, etc., effectively enhance the commercial value of the exhibition. The fourteenth China Beijing construction machinery, building materials machinery and the mine machinery exhibition and technical exchange meeting (BICES 2017) will be held on September 20, 2017 -23 in Beijing. This will be the global engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises a comprehensive display of product innovation and brand image, seek cooperation opportunities and provide a vast arena, for Chinese insight into the development of construction machinery market, seize the opportunity to create opportunities for investment in asia.
    Exhibits: 1. of construction machinery, earthmoving machinery, construction vehicles, lifting and transport equipment construction equipment, tools and special system, concrete and mortar, road construction and maintenance equipment, pipeline and cable laying equipment and tools, mining machinery, mining and processing of raw materials, pipeline and cable laying equipment and tools, mining machinery. The raw material production and processing of raw materials, mining equipment,.1 cement, equipment and machinery for concrete building components of lime and gypsum as the base material, and precast concrete products production equipment of dry mortar, mortar, mortar, building materials supermarket products production equipment,
    Booth fee: 12 square meter, 18600 yuan, light charge: indoor light price: 24 to 48 square, 1500 yuan,
    54 to 100 square, 1400 yuan, 101-300 square, 1350 yuan, outdoor light: 100 to 300 square, 1350 yuan,

    BICES2017 fourteenth China (Beijing) International Exhibition on construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technical exchange

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