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  • Fuel filter action principle type and replacement guide
  • It is important to clean the fuel filter. The fuel filter is connected to the line between the fuel pump and the throttle valve inlet. Principle of fuel filter fuel filter function is put in the fuel containing iron oxides, dust and other solid debris removal, to prevent fuel clogging (especially the nozzle), reduce mechanical wear, to ensure the stable operation of the engine, improve reliability.
    The structure of fuel device is composed of a bracket of an aluminum shell and a stainless steel, equipped with high efficiency filter components on the bracket, filter paper as Daisy shaped, to increase the flow area, general filter filter and carburetor efi. Because the EFI filter often withstand 200 ~ 300kPa fuel pressure. Therefore, the filter pressure strength of the general requirements of more than 500kPa, carburetor filter can not meet the requirements. If the impurity content is high, the driving distance should be shortened accordingly. The arrow on the fuel filter housing indicates the direction of flow of the fuel. Even if it works in a flip state for a short time it has to be replaced.
    The fuel filter type and replacement instructions are used fuel filter filter filter. In the early days, the filter fuel filter has several kinds of metal sheets, slit type metal screen type, nylon cloth, porous ceramic filter type; diesel filter has several barrel type nylon cloth, felt, cotton yarn etc.. These elements through good performance, long service life, but generally the filtration efficiency is low, complex structure, high cost, inconvenient maintenance, has been eliminated gradually.
    At present, fuel filter and fuel filter is a commonly used microporous paper filter, the phenolic resin, made by folding drum, has advantages of good performance, high efficiency, simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance etc.. Now, most of the engine were loaded with disposable paper filter fuel filter and the replacement cycle is generally 10 thousand km, mandatory replacement period is 30 thousand km. If the impurity content is high, the driving distance should be shortened accordingly. In addition, the filter has an oil inlet and outlet arrow mark, do not reverse the replacement. If the flip flip, even in the inverted state of the time is very short, must also be replaced.

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