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  • High efficiency air filter is mainly used to capture particles of dust and various suspended particles below 0.5um. With ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, offset paper, aluminum film material dividing plate, and the wood frame Aluminum Alloy glued with special silicone rubber, no odor, surface will not be hardened, long time
    No crack, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, thermal expansion and contraction can absorb the stress produced without cracking, moderate hardness, good elastic recovery. Each machine is tested by sodium flame method, which has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity and so on.
    Our company is a professional manufacturer of filter manufacturers, engaged in the filter industry for 15 years, specializing in the production of truck filters, bus filters, construction machinery filters, generator sets, such as filters. The company has first-class design team, advanced students
    Production equipment, but also for you to customize a variety of filters.
    At present, the company has about 120 employees, since the establishment of the garden plant covers an area of 50 acres, is located in China's filter production base in Zhejiang, Ruian Industrial Park, convenient transportation, also welcome new and old customers to visit the guide.

    Contact information:

      SKYPE: filters-king
      WhatsApp: +8618965520297
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