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  • What are the hazards of inferior air filters?
  • Because many drivers do not recognize the importance of the air cleaner, only cheaper, not quality, free to buy, install and use that shortly after the engine will appear abnormal, fuel consumption is also increased.
    The engine needs a lot of air, if the air filter can effectively filter the suspended particles in the air, the light accelerated wear of cylinder, piston and piston ring cylinder, it caused heavy injury, shorten the service life of the engine.

    What are the disadvantages of low quality diesel filters?

    Common hazards are the following:

    A. the use of cheap paper making paper filter, because of its large aperture, poor uniformity, low filtering efficiency, can effectively filter the impurities and harmful substances into the engine, causing premature wear of the engine.
    B. use of low quality adhesive can not be firmly bonded, resulting in the filter element adhesive short circuit; so that a large number of harmful impurities into the engine, will reduce the life of diesel engines.
    C. replace rubber parts with common rubber parts. In the use of the process, due to internal seal seal failure, the formation of internal short circuit filter, so that some impurities containing oil or air, directly into the engine. Early engine wear.
    D. filter element cover, central tube, shell and other metal parts, do not rust treatment, resulting in metal rust impurities, so that the filter has become a source of pollution.

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