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  • Filter manufacturers should take the quality as the first position
  • 2017 global automotive industry volatility and uncertainty continues to increase. Global light vehicle production is expected to continue to rise in the next two years, but the growth rate will fall sharply, among them, Europe will maintain a relatively low level, Japan will decline, the North American Free Trade Area will moderate growth, the main growth momentum is still the only Chinese.
    In addition, faced with increasing pressure on the profit of the host plant has begun to cut additional costs, which exacerbated the friction between the host plant and suppliers. Suppliers on the basis of maintaining a high level of profit margins, short-term growth will slow down the risk is greater than the opportunity.
    Cost reduction can not reduce the quality of products, parts manufacturers should take the quality as the first. Our company, is still working hard to improve the process under the great pressure of enterprise transformation.

    We hope the filter wholesalers around the world, welcome to inquire.

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